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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sebastian Junger as a Propagandist for Aggressive Warfare in the Era of Barack Obama's Presidency by Anthony J. Hall

Has Sebastian Junger been cast as a front-line propagandist in the ongoing psychological operation of poisoning public consciousness so that citizens will support the Obama regime’s unconscionable extension and escalation of the 9/11 wars? It certainly seemed to me during my recent trip to California that the telegenic Junger is busily engaged in pumping out a potent mix of strategic disinformation on behalf of the world’s most lethal and unbridled war machine. These days one of the main imperatives of this war machine’s media manipulations must be to assuage the constituency that voted for Obama so that aroused public opinion in the so-called Homeland will not get in the way of the military superpower’s most recent rounds of Eurasian invasion.

imgres.jpgI think I witnessed Junger and his publicity team deploy all their war-promoting guile at an extremely well crafted presentation underneath the Hollywood Hills at the Central Public Library in downtown Los Angeles. Junger took center stage to promote his new book entitled, simply, War [1]War’s text is based on Junger’s five interludes as a so-called embedded journalist with a small combat unit of US special forces in 2007 and 2008 in the Korengal Valley region of eastern Afghanistan. The book is one part of a larger media push. The centerpiece of this propaganda effort is Restrepo, a documentary film by Junger and British photographer, Tim Hetherington.Restrepo captured the Grand Jury prize for best documentary at Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah.

In the book and in the accompanying documentary film, Junger’s technique is to concentrate on human interest stories that put in the best possible light the personal attributes and experiences of US soldiers. He told the audience at the Los Angeles Public Library that he wanted to be “embedded emotionally” with his armed brethren on the most extended frontiers of US military power. As stated by one of Junger’s handlers at the Sundance Film Festival, the war reporter’s goal is to spin a narrative of “pure experience,” one that treats “political context” as being “beside the point. [2] While Junger’s primary focus is to lionize America’s fighting men, the author does not miss the opportunity to direct verbal assaults at those opposing the foreign military occupation of Afghanistan.
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