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Friday, October 8, 2010

13th edition of Global Outlook

Recommended reading: Global Outlook Issue 13 - Prescription for a World in Crisis
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December 28, 2009
Thanks very much for sending the 13th edition of Global Outlook, which is a great read. I've read every article in it. As well as discussing the various military-style FFO's throughout modern history, it was also excellent that you included articles on the finance and pharmaceutical industries and their deceptive agendas. There is so much going on in the world today that screams out for a more critical analysis, such as is contained in your publication.

John Payne
Sydney , Australia

October 7, 2009
The ideologically unspeakable is what we most need to know, and never more than today when the big lies - like the official conspiracy theory of 9-11 - have been instituted as pretexts of perpetual war. Who has the courage and knowledge to stand? Global Outlook does. Its contributors do not fear to name the big lies and track them - not just about 9-11 and the 9-11 wars, but about private big-bank credit and currency creation wrested from elected governments to debt-enslave them. G.O. exposes the shadow regime while the advertising media sell it.
John McMurtry, Ph.D., F.R.S.C., Professor of Philosophy and University Professor Emeritus, University of Guelph, Ontario

October 6, 2009
Global Outlook Issue 13 - 2009
The latest publication from Global Outlook (the magazine of the 9/11 Truth movement) is a nearly 300 page expose on False Flag operations and other deep deceptions that have led peoples and nations to war for centuries.
It is a well written, meticulously researched and referenced work designed to give us a broader picture of the behind-the-scenes machinations by those (the Diaboligarchy / Invisible Government) who desire to rule the world.
Given the severity of the subject matter and the near wholesale dismissal by 'mainstream society' of its mere existence, I am amazed and heartened by the dedication and perseverance of the staff at GO - my friends Ian Woods, Terry Burrows and Barrie Zwicker.
Thoroughly engaging, and at times overwhelming, this Collectors Edition issue not only shines light on some of the world's dark actors but also provides prescription and practical tools for a World in Crisis.
So, go get this magazine. Buy extra copies for those you care about who haven't yet realized that 9/11, and many more events in history, were 'Inside Jobs' designed to railroad populations into war and give up their rights. If you can't afford extra copies, the editors have thoughtfully formatted the magazine for easy photocopying.
In Peace and Love
Kelly Reinhardt

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